Voters are the Worst

I’d like to point out an uncomfortable observation before we all go to the polls tomorrow. The worst part of this election year hasn’t been our candidates, it’s been our fellow potential voters. There have always been those people who are firmly behind their issues and candidates and will say what it takes to make their opinions known.  But never before have I ever heard so much opinion sharing that was loaded with an ass ton of moral and intellectual superiority.

Protest voters, Trumpers and I’m-With-Hers are all adamant that they know more, see more, and feel compelled and entitled to let others know. It seems like we have all turned into those giant ass-hats we rolled our eyes at in past elections.  We knew that we agreed with them on this or that, but didn’t care for how they handled the social aspects of exercising our civic duty.

I am not going to say that I am above this behavior. I have argued with folks and pushed my opinions. I may have even been a total twat about it, but I’m done with that shit. I know it’s an unpopular view, but quite a few of us have been acting as trashy and arrogant as we see our enemy candidates.

After tomorrow’s election day, we will know more about what is going to happen in our country. Let’s make sure we don’t hate each other as much as who is or is not elected.  No matter what, we are in this together and there is NO reason to hate each other over who is going to win or lose a popularity contest that folks on all side suspect might be a little or a lot corrupt and/or rigged. Remember that you need to look these people in the eye as humans and take the high road.  Don’t act like a know-it-all tool-bag toddler about this shit now or after the numbers are in.  We are all “the people” so stop being a fucking dick about it this election shit. It’s not gonna help any of us in the end, and I think we all know it. We need to be better people no matter how this shit shakes out. It’s the only way, fuckers…it’s the only way.

Unless Pedro was running…then everything would be coming up Millhouse! Mixed tapes and moon boots for EVERY AMERICAN!




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