Stop Telling Me How to Vote!

Stop telling me how to vote…all of you.  I don’t need Facebook friends or political pundits telling me what to do and what I should think. In fact, I think it’s part of the big ass problem.

If you feel Hillary is a crook and can’t vote for her, I’m fine with that.  I understand. But don’t tell me that I’m throwing my vote away by voting third party.

If you feel that Trump is the worst thing since Hitler and that our country will implode with him in office, I’m fine with that too and I do understand why you feel that way, but don’t use your fear as an excuse to tell me who you think the only viable option for my vote is.

I’m going to vote third party. I don’t expect anyone to have me sway them in the same direction, because I think the whole purpose of our system is for each citizen to vote what they believe in the most.

So far I have heard that not voting for Hillary is “immoral” and “a waste”. I have had many people try and bully the “Blue or Bust” down my throat until I choke. I get it, you think you’re going to save the world one vote at a time, or something like that.  I get that you’re rallying numbers for the outcome you think is best. But it’s folly to believe that there is only one right outcome.

In giving my opinion I do not want to be told why I am wrong, and I also do not want people to think that I am trying to change anyone’s mind.  I just want respect. We will not get anywhere by bullying each other or being condescending.

Will my vote or anyone’s vote get a third party candidate elected into the highest office in the land this November?  No, it’s highly unlikely. I don’t think I’m voting for anyone that will enter the office, really. That’s not the point. The point is not to be short-sighted.

I cannot abide by this two party system who puts such candidates in front of me and expects me to “fall in”. I will not be forced to choose between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber because the Democratic and Republican parties are treating us like fucking toddlers who can only make decisions between choice A and B.

The parties are running themselves as corporations. They are here to tell the people what they want and to control outcomes.  It’s not about issues and doing work.

Am I worried about what will happen if either one of these people are elected? Yes, a bit.  But the reality is that under eight years of both Bush and Obama, my overall quality of life didn’t change. Things don’t happen that quickly in first world countries.  If there’s a sickness, it’s a slow death.

I’m more worried about what is going to happen in 2024 and beyond. What is going to happen if we keep allowing ourselves to be told what’s best for us? What is going to happen if people are too scared to act as free citizens because they have been told that Tweedledumber is Hitler?

I am going to vote third party because I have to vote against the two party machine that is steamrolling elections and giving the illusion of choice to keep the public in line.

Before you go on to tell me that Trump was NOT the choice of the Republican party, I know. But the fact is that he IS their candidate now and they were unable to do anything to stop him so they just accepted him. They are still responsible for the outcome.

I’m not going to post a rant on Facebook because I hate people thinking they know better than me about what I feel and what I should do.  I don’t want to make anyone else feel that way. Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out and realize that none of us is really in control here. We’re being played so you might as well just do what you feel you gotta do.

My only hope is that this election will change how elections are held from now on.  Maybe we will have better quality put before us.  Maybe we will have MORE choice next time. Maybe we won’t.  But don’t let anyone out there tell you what to believe.  Just follow your heart, that’s what I always do. Also, your mom goes to college.



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