I Worship Me

The great thing about not being beholding to a religion or theology is that it frees up a lot of time and head space to worship at the alter of the gods of our own making.

No, that doesn’t mean that we have made up some deity to help us understand what is yet to be explained…

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Now, before you get all of your grundies in a bitch bunch, let me just say that there are people in my life that subscribe to all sorts of faiths and doctrines and we all are cool with each other.  How does that work, you may ask? Well, we accept that we are all good people and can have respect for one another and leave it at that.  Try it…it totally works. I’m a Secular Humanist, I have friends who are Catholic, Jewish, Athiest, Lutheran, Hindu and a score of other religions and it’s all cool because no matter what you believe, loving your fellow man should be part of it and all my people are down with that funk.

BOOM…world problems solved.

Well, unless you subscribe to the belief that Nickelback ever made good music…I’m going to persecute you for that shit all the live-long-day.

Back to the purpose here: Those of us to haven’t given our hearts up to this or that are are single and ready to mingle with our feelings.  For example, I am pretty sure my husband is at The Church of Neil deGrasse Tyson flagellating himself as we speak.  Science is his bag baby and if you were to throw in the fact that Mr. NdGT looks a bit like Lando Calrissian…well then Mr. Welleff is set up for life.  All of his needs are met whether they be geek, nerd, sexual or entertainment.


Now, what false idol is set up on my alter?  There are either none or too many.  I can’t decide whether I idolize certain people or if I just REALLY appreciate them but come very short of worship.  I love Kate Bush, Peter Hook, Morrissey, Ian Curtis…I guess I have a faith boner for musicians whose ability, talent and contributions are vital to my world and appreciation of beauty in all of it’s forms.  Grit and shine, I love anyone who creates beauty.

The other hold up I have on love in the form of worship is that I know love that has exceeded all bounds of my comprehension, but it’s not for a “creator”. I love my children with a passion and power that can’t be quantified, yet it is not idolization.

My unwillingness to subscribe to any deity or karmic based theology may be because of my inability to worship or idolize.  Maybe it’s because as I, myself, am so damn cool no one can top me.

Come on now everyone!  Just try and come “save” me!


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1 Response to I Worship Me

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t worship Mr NdGT, but damn, I could listen to him talk about grass growing or paint drying and that would be some interesting shit!

    BTW, I love the moniker Mr. Welleff..


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