Board Games for the Underprivileged to Stamp Out Alzheimer’s Disease with Pets

Y’all know how my mind wanders while I go about my day. While sweeping the floor a few minutes ago, I thought how great it would be if I accidentally solved some of the human race’s biggest boo boos.

Like, what if I was trying to put in a ceiling fan all by myself and by crossing the wrong wires, I learned how to raise the dead? And what if they weren’t the scary soulless reanimated bodies like in zombie movies or Pet Semetary, but our loved ones were just back…and you would have to explain why you sold their priceless antiques for a Carnival Cruise to the Florida Keys.  Makes you think twice about cremating grandma, doesn’t it?

Of course, the dead coming back will cause another issue by way of population and resources.  So, then I would need to solve that problem and it couldn’t be Soylent Green because all of the people would be alive and would protest being made into food. So, I would go into my kitchen and try out some recipes and accidentally find the perfect gravy recipe to cure cancer. That would be awesome!

There really is nothing funny about losing loved ones, cancer or the strain on our resources, but I think all of these fantasies come from really hating to see people hurt and not being able to just fix it.  We can do what we can, we can do work for charities and try and help our fellow man, but it never is enough, is it?

The real trouble comes from only being able to put bandaids on symptoms of these problems and never being able to fix the fundamental issue.  We can donate to cancer research, but they are still looking for a cure and it’s not wiping out the problem. We can donate clothes so that the homeless have something to wear…but it doesn’t get everyone off the street.

Do you ever judge people for the charity they choose to champion and feel morally superior in the charity choice you have made? You are all about saving all of the animals in the world while your neighbor is wasting their time on Alzheimer’s disease.  Gosh…those people won’t even remember what you’re doing for them! If you wanted to really help those people, you’d give them a puppy!

I remember hearing a rumor that during her spokesperson days for Hasbro, Jane Leeves donated board games to homeless shelters. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I remember thinking that it was about the dumbest donation I could think of.  Those people don’t need to play Hungry Hungry Hippos…they ARE hungry hungry people.

I really think the point is that if you are at least aware of any issue that may cause pain in any form and you try and make things better, you are doing what you can. It all helps in some way shape or form.  Don’t be discouraged. I can’t cure cancer. I can’t save all of the animals. And I really can’t get behind giving people with dementia the responsibility of a pet, but I have to be okay with doing work to raise funding for cancer research, or adopting animals from shelters, or donating my time to bring therapy animals to those who would benefit. I can be a good friend and mother and smile at people I meet. You really never know what good you can do until you start doing it.

Does this post make sense? I hope no one takes offense to anything written above.  Sometimes you have to laugh so you won’t cry.

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1 Response to Board Games for the Underprivileged to Stamp Out Alzheimer’s Disease with Pets

  1. Mike says:

    So, if I cremated grandma would she come back as some kind of dust devil?

    And yes, there are so many things in the world that need fixing that it can get daunting, but doing something is better than doing nothing, and if enough people did something then maybe those small somethings turn into an actual fix for the problem.

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