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Never Trust a Kardashian, No, Not the Star Trek Kind

Oh…okay…I admit that when I first heard that Bruce Jenner was transitioning into a woman I thought it had to be one of two things going on; either he was doing it to drum up drama for the reality show … Continue reading

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Polygamy and Pets

There’s a strange thing that happens when you go from having 4-legged children to those of the biped variety.  No, I am not talking about when your little baby starts walking, but rather when you were a pet parent and … Continue reading

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Same Day Lip Plump

So, here I am…sitting at my laptop just trying to see if my recent vacation sucked all of the angst out of me leaving me with nothing to write about.  Of course, then I remember that I am a type … Continue reading

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Basic Instincts to Sniff Stuff

Unless you are a creationist and do not believe that humans have evolved, you probably can identify some basic things we do that are more “instinct” than learned behavior. I think this behavior comes out the most when we become … Continue reading

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