The Power of Imodium Compels You.

I apologize in advance for the week long hiatus that I just took without warning.  It wasn’t intentional in the least.  The fact is that my whole family is possessed.

It all started Wednesday  evening when my husband, the boys and I sat down to dinner and my youngest started speaking in tongues.  He’s 15 months old so it is hard to tell what he is actually saying, but I am pretty sure it was Aramaic.  It was at this point that the evil left his body in the form of vomit all over himself and his dinner.  After that he seemed okay.  He must have only had a tiny bit of the devil in him.

Later on Thursday night my three year-old woke up and barfed all over himself and his bed at 11pm.  His evil spirit had been sitting in his stomach a long time because some of his breakfast was all up in that ectoplasm.

By Friday we were all infected with the demon.  My demon was especially into forceful exits out of the “front door”, much like my sons. My husbands demon was much more casual about things and was more of a “back door” sort of entity.  No matter what the chosen method of vacation, however, those demons were fuckers.

Each one of us has had a time where we felt better and then a possession relapse…except for Franky, the youngest.  He might be the anti-christ.  We’re not sure.

For those of you who had this stomach bug, I sympathize.  For those of you who haven’t, I would like you to come lick my ginger ale glass and wait…just you wait.

I was the last to relapse and the last to get well.  Well…eff.

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