Haberdashery and Winston Churchill

Okay, you guys.  This is going to knock your mismatched socks off (which is apparently a trend now, but we all know that shit started with Punky Brewster and these kids have NO idea).

Bowler Hat Kid from my first blog post EVER…he’s real.  I mean, he was always a real kid, but his hat is his thing.  I was super worried that he was wearing a bowler hat for a reason other than he had a kick-ass sense of style, especially for a 13-17 year-old.  He has been spotted again wearing a bowler hat.

Whether or not it is the same bowler hat, I can’t be sure.  I’d like to think that he had a collection.  That he knew what a haberdashery was and went to one and selected hats that were perfect for his own personal style.  The hats could be in really cool, round hat boxes in his closest, the doors of which are adorned with posters of Charlie Chaplin and Winston Fucking Churchill!

March on Bowler Hat Kid!  Wave your flag of personal style and be proud.  If you’re a good kid, I will pay you to babysit my boys so that some of your independent spirit may be imparted to them.  If you’re a crazy glue-sniffer, I don’t want you to watch my kids, but I am still glad you wear your hat.  Although, since this is Minnesota and the weather IS below zero quite often, have you considered wearing earmuffs with your hats?  Think about it.

**Please note that my next post will be a submission to the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV.  Share it and other blogs featured with your friends.  #BOAW2015

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