Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures

I think a certain amount of contradiction in preferences is normal.  No one is completely homogenous, but if such a person existed, they would be completely and utterly boring and no one would like them. Fact.

In order to not be completely crazy, your contradictions need to be on a minor scale and are commonly called “guilty pleasures.” There is a specific something you like, but it goes against the grain of the majority of what you like.  Like the hardcore punk guy who likes Justin Timberlake (but everyone should). The book nerd who loves to read fancy shit is allowed to watch some dubious television and not be judged.  Even though she is judged. Quite often. By people (person) who is as equally engaged in Hoarders and Married At First Sight as I am…er…as she is.  Just fuck off, okay.

Now, if your contradictions are on a major scale, then there are issues.  A doctor who saves lives should not also love…say…MURDER.  Or at least not committing murder.  That is a personality quirk that is textbook looney toons.  If you’re a devout Christian it would be weird if you also loved Satan.  Personality contradictions like these cannot exist in a person who isn’t planning on killing you, chopping you up, feeding you to pigs to destroy the evidence only to be caught because your teeth weren’t digested.

That last example got away from me. Scared?  Me too.

Let’s step away from murder for a bit and talk about some entertainment conflicts that exist in myself and others.  In an attempt to narrow thing down so this post doesn’t get completely out of control, let’s focus on guilty pleasures and geeky things.

I, for one, love Harry Potter and dig Doctor Who, but if you come at me with anything Twilight or Lord of the Rings/Hobbit related, I will shove them up your ass.  Wait a minute, that’s not a contradiction, that just means I am not 100% geek.  But in general I am not really into the fantasy/sci fi genre.

Now, my best friend, on the other hand, loves Twilight and LOTR/Hobbit shit and NOT Harry Potter or Doctor Who.  Does this mean she is the same percentage of geek as I am?  No, it means she’s wrong because what she likes isn’t cool or good or terrific.  Fact.

Recently I have been very much into the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series it’s a mix of genres including but limited to: historical fiction, time travel, medicine, sex, war, herbs and romance.  Any one of those categories probably couldn’t entice me to pick up a book, let alone read through eight of them with lengths ranging from 800-1400 pages.  But if mash them all together I am SO there and I will read about these characters until they are old and gray (getting there!).

I have never once read a comic book.  Once my mother bought me a comic of The Scarlet Letter.  Super cool, I know.  I think I was in fourth grade or so and I remember thinking, “What the fuck are all of these pictures doing in here?”  My fourth grade self probably did think in swears.  I am just not into that medium.  BUT I am married to the worlds biggest geek/nerd and agreed to go to Comic Con with him when it came to Minneapolis.

Now, the fact that Nathan Fillion was a guest and I love him and want to marry him and have more babies with him and also liked Firefly had something to do with me going, but I was certainly an outlier in the building.  It’s a contradiction to my general likes and interests but I had fun even outside of Nathan Fillion being there.  But that is what is so fun about guilty pleasures…and by pleasures I mean me and Nathan Fillion…

But seriously, those jumps into other and not-normal-for-you areas helps us all get along with each other in this world.  It shapes our personalities and helps make us well rounded and more interesting people.  Embrace your guilty pleasures.  They are nothing to hide…unless it’s Twilight or Lord of the Fucking Rings, keep that shit to yourself.


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6 Responses to Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures

  1. Mike says:

    Is it weird that I also love Nathan Fillion and want to marry him and have his babies? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. summerjo13 says:

    What if your guilty pleasures include Real Housewives of (wherever) and project Runway? PS – I will always hate you a little for meeting Nathan.


  3. Nathan Fillion says:

    I think your best friend sounds f***ing fabulous. Starred so I don’t get flagged at work. But read that with the punch it would pack as if the word was spelled out. Because that’s what she is.


  4. Brad says:

    You’re both wrong. Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings both suck bawlz.


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