Here goes nuthin’

My first post.  Can you feel the tension?  I already have writers block.  I had so many ideas yesterday, but today, all I can think about is this kid I saw waiting at a school bus stop.  He was dressed as a 1900s Scotland Yard detective.  I don’t know if that was the look he was going for, but it was very Masterpiece Theatre.  He was very dapper in his long wool coat, scarf and bowler hat.

A bowler hat.  Think about that for a minute.  If you’re sitting there thinking that you hope you never have a “weird” kid like that, get off my fucking blog.  You won’t get it.  If you think that kid has balls and want to know if he has posters of Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple in his room, then you can keep reading. This kid is a fucking hero.

I live with all of the appearances of being very straight laced, but I am not.  I swear, I drink, I make terrible comments and illogical conclusions.  There is a part of me who hopes that my sons have a super easy time in school and grow up feeling secure.  But, there is another part of me that doesn’t want my kids to stick to the mold that a lot of other kids want to be in.  The truth is that they can learn to function both inside and outside of said mold, they will be like Schrodinger’s Cat, being both weird and normal at the same time, only age and maturity will open the box to reveal who they really are.

Does that make any fucking sense to anyone?  I don’t know.  Does the Schrodinger’s Cat analogy even work here?  If you don’t know what Schrodinger’s Cat is, look it up.  If you think the reference is too out there for you, get off my fucking blog.  If you’re just too lazy to look it up, you might just fit in here.

None of this post really makes much sense nor has any direction.  I will make an attempt to come full circle, but if I don’t, get used to it.  This is a blog, not a god damn essay writing contest.  I can do whatever I want.

So, Inspector Freshman from the bus stop may have only been dressed up for the most mundane of reasons.  It could have been for a play or assignment.  But, I choose to believe that he has more guts than the kids who may taunt him.  I think we all know he will be their boss one day and still be rocking that fucking fabulous hat.  His life will be difficult until then, unless he is a theater kid, those kids do travel in packs.

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6 Responses to Here goes nuthin’

  1. You know what I love about this post? You said you have writer’s block, but wrote anyway—YES! Also? It’s a great post. You’re a natural at this.


  2. Laird Sapir says:

    A kid in a bowler hat! That would have made my day to see. Go him!


  3. amyskennedy says:

    Thanks for this. I think you have a better chance at a happy life if you can be both weird and normal…but mostly weird.


  4. Great post! Weird and normal both. Yeah, that’s a good goal for all of us. Love the banner photo. Sometimes that’s the only way a kid can take some control back over his life, by refusing to use his legs!


  5. Piper Bayard says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I always told my kids, “No one ever got anywhere by being like everybody else.” The sooner he doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, the sooner he’ll start a trend with bowler hats.


  6. Kari says:

    You make me laugh. Glad you’re blogging.


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